Asterisk-dev: Application timeouts, Periodic and Scheduled Announcements

I have made a post to the asterisk-dev mailing list describing a small project I am working on. I am making a way to create application timeouts, scheduled announcements, and periodic announcements that can be used with any Asterisk application.  The results of the discussion will determine if this feature goes anywhere or hits the bit bucket.

Open Source: Changing Models, Changing Mindsets, Part 2

Linux Insider has posted Part 2 of their article on some of the impacts of open source software on the corporate world. There is more discussion of Asterisk in this article.

The open source Asterisk digital PBX (public branch exchange) platform “is the most interoperable, flexible and feature rich PBX in the market today,” asserted Chad Agate, cofounder and CEO of NeoPhonetics.

The article mentions Asterisk’s powerful architecture that lets it fit an extremely diverse set of needs in the telecom market.

Asterisk “allows for transparent switching between all supported interfaces, allowing it to tie together a diverse mixture of telephony systems into a single switching network. It can act as a media gateway for any legacy or VoIP enabled connection available today,” Agate explained.

Open Source: Changing Models, Changing Mindsets, Part 1

Linux Insider has an article on open source software and its impact on the corporate world. It mentions Asterisk for its impact on the traditional telephony market and its use in the corporate world’s transition toward the use of VoIP.

Asterisk-based VoIP applications and appliances have been downloaded by business phone system users more than 4.4 million times, implying millions of users, according to Digium, whose founder, Mark Spencer, started what has grown to become Asterisk’s globe-spanning open source project collaboration.

It feels great to have our name up on this list with other influential projects such as the Linux kernel, Firefox, Wikipedia, Apache, and more.

Zaptel and released

The development team has announced the release of Zaptel versions and These releases are to correct an error in the install target in the Makefile of the 1.4.5 and 1.2.20 Zaptel releases, as well as a handful of other issues. See the respective Changelogs for more details.

Both releases are available as a tarball as well as a patch against the previous release. They are available for download from

Thank you for your support!

chan_iax2 stability and performance improvements

Today, I merged a large set of changes to the IAX2 channel driver in Asterisk into the 1.4 branch and trunk. These changes address both stability and performance issues. Normally, changes such as performance enhancements are not merged into the release branch. However, they just happened to be a side benefit of the work which resolved ways that the module could crash Asterisk.

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