Asterisk 1.6 Release Management Proposal

I have published a document describing the details of the release management for Asterisk 1.6. See the full post to the mailing list here.

A few weeks ago, I proposed to this list that we create a new release series that is managed with a short release cycle to introduce smaller sets of new features. I also wanted to increase the emphasis that we put on testing new sets of functionality for potential regressions.

The feedback on this list was positive, as was all of the feedback I have received directly. I spoke to people about this a lot at Astricon, and received no negative feedback.

So, I would like to move ahead with formalizing this new release series, Asterisk 1.6. I have documented the new release policy that will apply to this release series, as well as some of the history that inspired these changes to release management.

I have included the document and would appreciate any feedback from the development community.

8 thoughts on “Asterisk 1.6 Release Management Proposal

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  2. I wanted to leave a considerable amount of time for discussion. I am also attending a conference this week, which makes things a bit difficult. However, I really do plan on tagging a 1.6.0-beta1 this coming week.

  3. November 22th already here :-). I’d like to see a follow-up as well, even just to let us know how things are progressing etc…

  4. Hello! I’m alive. 🙂

    I have been holding back 1.6 for a couple of different reasons.

    The first is that ensuring that the releases that we already have out there are stable. We have been continuing to work very hard on getting various problems fixed.

    The second is that I’m working on some more project management things that I have not yet announced. I have been gathering details about all of the new development projects that we have going on, or that we’d like to do. I’m taking all of these scattered bits of information from personal to-do lists and the brains of developers, and getting it into a project management system that can be used by the development community to track our efforts to help make sure we’re working on the things that the community agrees are the most important for the future of Asterisk. I’ll post much more detailed information about this once I have it ready for the public.

    I apologize that 1.6 is going to come a little bit later than I had originally hoped. But, trust me, great things are happening. Not only will the management of 1.6 have the benefits that I have already addressed, but the additional things that we are working on will provide insight into what larger developments are in the works, and when they can be expected in releases. Yes, that means Asterisk will begin to have an official project roadmap.

    Stay with me folks, we’re going places. 🙂

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