New Channel Driver: chan_console

I just merged a new channel driver into Asterisk trunk which will be in Asterisk 1.6.  The module is called chan_console.  It is a new console channel driver which uses portaudio as a cross platform audio interface instead of using something like ALSA or OSS directly.  I wrote it to give myself a console channel driver that I could use on my Mac.  However, portaudio supports a number of other audio interfaces, as well.

The audio interfaces that portaudio supports are

  • Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA)
  • AudioScience HPI
  • Macintosh Core Audio for OS X
  • Windows Direct Sound
  • JACK Audio Connection Kit
  • Unix Open Sound System (OSS)
  • Windows Vista WASAPI
  • Windows WDM Kernel Streaming
  • Windows MME

Asterisk-dev – Another Module for Testing: chan_console

Asterisk-commits – Commit to Asterisk trunk

2 thoughts on “New Channel Driver: chan_console

  1. hi russell, just came across this, just wondering if this would work reliably using app_meetme, i.e Asterisk , meetme and portaudio/audioscience hpi , just to get an opinion, thanks

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