Asterisk 1.4.19-rc1 Now Available

The development team has released Asterisk 1.4.19-rc1. This is a test release for 1.4.19. The official 1.4.19 release will be made after a 1.4.19 release candidate goes through a few days of testing without finding any major regressions.

This release is available for download as a tarball, as well as from svn. Please download and test this release and report any problems to

Release tarballs can be found here:

Thank you for your support!

1 thought on “Asterisk 1.4.19-rc1 Now Available

  1. Hi,
    I am trying some configurations on asterisk an facing issues on using DNS SRV by setting srvlookup=yes. I’ve read that it uses only the first host no matter the priority received on the query response. My question is why it is ignored since the response is sucessefuly received? As i understand it would be only parse the result as put the priority an weights related to the host. The code should then consider the most rated host, is that right?
    ps. I have interest on learning more about the asterisk an its implementation. Can you tell me the best sorce of information for learning and coding on asterisk.
    Thank you very much i would appreciate if you can feedback on this. Thanks!

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