Asterisk 1.6, Now with Multiple Parking Lots

While Asterisk 1.6.0 is currently being stabilized for release, we are also actively developing new features for Asterisk 1.6.1. One feature that has been merged into Asterisk trunk, which will be released in Asterisk 1.6.1, is support for multiple parking lots.

This functionality has been available for quite some time from 3rd party modules. So, it’s about time that we got it implemented natively in Asterisk. The code that has been committed was originally written by oej. Another developer, mvanbaak, recently got the code back up to date. Finally, Jeff Peeler of Digium got the code stabilized and converted to some more recent Asterisk APIs.

See the commit of the code here.

3 thoughts on “Asterisk 1.6, Now with Multiple Parking Lots

  1. May be off topic, but I also see THIRD PARTY PROVIDERS managing PATCHES to provide the (in)famous history buffer in Zaptel (sorry, DAHDI) and chan_zap.

    This feature is required in at least two countries (UK and Brazil), and I think the patches should really be incorporated into trunk.

    Patches for * 1.4.10 and Zaptel 1.4.10 are available on


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