Speeding up Asterisk with the Hoard Memory Allocator

A little over a year I ago, I made a post to the Asterisk-dev mailing list looking for someone to do some load testing with the Hoard Memory Allocator.

Chris Tooley just recently gave it a test run and saw a boost of about 10% in the number of call setups per second that his machine could handle.

I would encourage others to give this a try when load testing your system. There is virtually no setup other than installing hoard. There are some Asterisk functionality that I feel would see much greater performance improvements than have been demonstrated so far.

4 thoughts on “Speeding up Asterisk with the Hoard Memory Allocator

  1. Hi i am new to Asterisk . i want configure sip phone
    with asterisk . i am able to do that when asterisk and
    sip phone are in same machine. if try to do in different machine its not working . can any one help me out .
    i am using Asterisk 1.4 and sip Xlite phone

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