Taking On New Challenges

I began working on the Asterisk project in 2004.  My work on Asterisk has led to an exciting career in open source software engineering.  At the end of July 2011, I will be leaving Digium to take on some new challenges.  Specifically, I will be joining the Cloud Infrastructure team at Red Hat as a Principal Software Engineer where I will be working on projects related to clustering, high availability, and systems management.  Additionally, I will be moving back to Charleston, SC to be closer to my family.

While I will no longer be working with Asterisk full time, I still plan to participate in the open source community.  I am excited to watch both Asterisk and Asterisk SCF continue to evolve and grow.  The engineering team at Digium, as well as the global Asterisk development community are as strong as they have ever been and will continue to accomplish big things.

I have met many great people from all over the world in my time with Asterisk.  Thank you all for making the past seven years so memorable.

Best Regards,

Russell Bryant


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12 thoughts on “Taking On New Challenges

  1. Russell –
    You’ve done great things for Asterisk – sorry to see you move on. The project has much to thank you for, and I’ve personally appreciated your time and enthusiasm for improving Asterisk in the 7+ years you’ve been doing work there. Good luck in your new position, and stay in touch!


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  3. Thanks for everything you’ve done for Asterisk over the years. You’ve also helped me out individually on IRC a few times, saving me huge headaches.

    You’ll do great at the new gig!

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