Google Summer of Code 2009

I just kicked off a discussion about submitting an application for the Asterisk project to participate in this year’s Google Summer of Code.  See my post on asterisk-dev here.


The Asterisk project participated in the Google Summer of Code program in 2005, but has not since then. I would like to apply again this year.  I think it is an amazing opportunity to reach out to new developers and get some code written that we all want done, but have not had a chance to get to.

If we want to make this happen, we have a couple of things that we need to come up with as soon as possible. Mentoring organizations must complete their application for the program this week.

1) We need to determine who is willing to serve as a mentor from the Asterisk project. Mentors will be paired up with a student and will provide guidance to help the student bring their project to completion.  Without commitments from mentors, we can not participate in the program.

Obviously, an appropriate pairing of a mentor to a student is important.  It’s acceptable to say, “I am willing to be a mentor, provided that it is for a student working on a project in my area of expertise.”

If you think you would be interested, please let me know! Feel free to respond on this list, or to me directly.

2) We must build a suggested project list. When students apply for the program, they can submit a proposal for implementing one of our suggested projects, or another project of their choosing. Projects for this list should be appropriate in scope for a college student not yet familiar with the code base to implement in a Summer.

I’m going to create a file in svn to maintain our project ideas list:

– svn/asterisk/trunk/doc/google-soc2009-ideas.txt

To kick of the list of ideas, here are a couple of high level thoughts:

a) I think we could break up the “PineMango” project into multiple suggested projects.

b) John Todd and others had some great ideas regarding security in Asterisk at the last developer conference that could be turned into suggested projects.

If you have some thoughts about other projects to add to the list, again, please let me know, and I’ll add them to our ideas list.


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