Update on SS7 Support in Asterisk 1.6

Matthew Fredrickson, an engineer at Digium and the developer of LibSS7 and the related support in Asterisk, has posted an update on SS7 support in Asterisk to the Asterisk-SS7 mailing list.  It’s a pretty exciting update.  LibSS7 has released a 1.0 release milestone, and there are users that are alraedy using it in very high volume installations.  From the update:

There are some very good and very interesting things that have been happening. If any of you know Joseph on this list, he works for a mobile phone company in Kentucky. He is using Asterisk with libss7 to provide voicemail services to his mobile subscribers.

He has quite a good setup for helping me find issues, and is also a good indicator for how well libss7 is doing stability and scalability wise. Well the news is that running a current version of libss7/Asterisk-1.6.0 branch he has been running a load over 100,000 calls per day for close to a month, with no link related stability problems and no Asterisk issues.

Congratulations to Matt for reaching the 1.0 release milestone of LibSS7, and Thank You to everyone who has helped him out with testing!